CinePlay Beta 1.1

When all you want to do is ‘watch’


  • Stylish minimal black interface
  • Incredibly fast load times


  • Some incompatibility problems with DivX files

Not bad

This open source multimedia player allows you to watch films by just dragging and dropping the file on the video screen. It claims to support so many codecs that you’ll no longer need to download them.

According to our test, though, this is not so true.

The interface is very elegant and the option for scrolling through the film has a pleasant, immediate response.

It surely supports many different formats but in our test it didn’t work with DivX files while other competitors like Media Player Classic or VLC media player did.

Also, when you open Cineplay for the first time, it tells you that an update is available and asks you whether you want to update the program, but if you click yes, you’ll just get a “404: Page not found” screen.

A bit disappointing as a start.

A good option if you want a multi-format reader which is very fast to run and with a minimalist-elegant interface, remembering though that there are less stylish solutions which support a wider range of video formats.

CinePlay supports the following formats

CinePlay supports the following codecs: AVC1, H.263, H.264, XVID ISO MPEG-4, MPEG-1,MPEG-2,WMV-1, WMV- 2, WMV-3, WMP –V7,WMP -V8, WMP -V9, WMA-V2, WMA-V9, DIV3,DX50, DVPP, DV5P,DV-DVC, FLV1 Flash/Sorenson, FLV4.

Now you only need one multimedia player to view all of your videos offline. Cineplay has freed millions of video viewers from the restraints of video codec limitations.



CinePlay Beta 1.1

User reviews about CinePlay

  • by Anonymous

    its good for me that i can play iso dvd even it has more function..   More